My Spiritual Family

We all need a family. We all need to belong. This is one of the many roles of church in our lives. But not just any church, but a spiritual family where you humble yourself as a child, submit to a pastor, and build relationship with other brothers and sisters in the faith. The blood of Christ is thicker than our family bonds.


The church is not a program for you to go to on Sundays. Going to church is an act of affinity. The day you accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior was the same moment you became a member of the Body of Christ. The Lord Jesus is the Head of the church, and we are parts of His Body. To know which part or function we are is only discovered in relationship – as we grow and mature, staying connected to the Head.


The church is God’s plan of discipleship. We are the sheep, and He is the Chief Shepherd. He appoints undershepherds to care for us. Pastors look for us when we get lost and stand beside us in the darkest moment of our lives. Spiritual leaders help us get closer to God.


The church is the party table of God’s word. We eat our share at home, everyday, as we read the Bible. Then we come together for public worship, celebrating God’s goodness in our lives. Just like a bonfire whose flames get bigger whenever pieces of wood are added, so does our passion to love Him is set ablaze in the company of believers. We are never meant to be alone. That’s exactly what church is, to be called together and to discuss matters of citizenship in heaven.


The Lord Jesus is the one and only membership committee in all of His churches. He decides to which family we will be a part. Pray and ask Him where you should go, and stay there. Just like a plant, once taken root, cannot be re-planted, so are you planted into one local church. You are a building block. Once you are cemented with the other building blocks, you are part of a wall, building the edifice of God. The real church is not a place, those are just clothes for the Body. We are the church, the people of God. Whenever, we gather in Jesus’ name, we have church, and the presence of God is among us.


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