Kids of Korah 


“However, the sons of Korah did not die that day.” 

                                                                          (Num_26:10-11 NLT)


Background: A group of men, led by Korah, rebelled against Moses. God was so angry that the ground underneath them opened up and swallowed them and their families alive. At the same hour in another place, fire blazed forth and consumed 250 men of renown who participated in the rebellion. But God, in His grace and mercy, spared the children of Korah. Other innocent children died that day, but not the descendants of Korah. It’s amazing to know that God leaves a remnant for His glory.


            Generations later, the sons of Korah were prominent music ministers and ushers, from the time of King David up to King Jehoshaphat. Twelve (12) Psalms were either composed or directed by them. They were spared to serve.


            Some of us don’t have a good earthly heritage, but we have been adopted into God’s kingdom – we are now children of the King of kings, esteemed nobles of the Lord of lords. We have had some awful decisions in the past, but the blood of Jesus washed them all away. We are forgiven, we are sanctified, and we are justified. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We can be anything we want to be; we are destined  for greatness.


             We have been redeemed to reconcile the lost to Him, representatives of righteousness to live out a life of separation. I agree that the next generation should be better than the past. We should surpass the spirituality of our parents. Their past lives and failures are no longer an excuse and reason to remain in the mud of misery we are in. The precious blood of Jesus is thicker than the bonds of family.


            With God’s help, we can start a new legacy, for the glory and honor of His name. So be it.

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