"Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride." (Eccl 7:8 NLT)

The Lord does not give me a job to quit on, but a work to finish.

He gives me the ability to finish, but I must have the will and determination to finish things.

The Lord does not tease: He does not give a task for me to fail in and be ruined. He assigns me my portion of work to bring Him glory.

*The act of finishing is rejuvenation in itself. (Jn 4:34 NIV)

Resting from work is not the ultimate source of strength, but doing the will of God is.

*A finished work is a form of validation. (Jn 5:36 NIV)

Just as Jesus testified that the works He did was the evidence of the Father’s commissioning, so is the fulfillment of my God-given plans a testimony of His hand in my life.

I am a finisher! I commit to start a project, and I also commit to finish it. I don’t say YES to every project, but I carefully weigh each opportunity.

May my last words be, "It is also finished."

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