There is nothing religious about prayer. Just as a healthy relationship is defined by an open communication, so it is with our walk with God. The Lord has placed eternity in our hearts – a longing that only He can fill, and we verbalize that emptiness and fulfillment for the Eternal One through prayer. It is an instinct that God initiated within us; we are designed to pray. We are creatures of habitual prayers, and we just haven’t recognized it yet.

Prayers are but words expressed from our spirit. People talk, cats meow, dogs bark, horses neigh, and Christians pray. Prayer is simply talking to God. When God talks to us, it is a revelation; when man talks to God, it is prayer. It’s as easy and simple as breathing: We inhale God’s goodness, and we exhale prayer and thanksgiving.

As a spiritual instinct, prayers happen naturally. The truth is, we want to pray – we desire it. We are just distracted from it, or intimidated to continue. But though it’s a God-given aptitude,we cannot thrive on instinct or desire alone. We need grow up from inherency to maturity and claim our heavenly heritage. Prayer is not childish, and neither is it only for grownups. Nobody graduates from praying. As long as any relationship continues, prayers will be spoken.


Prayer is a response to God’s heart. No one seeks God, not even one, but God seeks us – He initiates the relationship. Then we call out to Him because He has been calling out to us. We just merely recognize the Voice that is speaking to us. We fall on our knees to acknowledge how tall God is in our lives.