The Evolution of End-Time Evangelists

{A defining moment}

tent /tɛnt/ –noun

- A portable shelter of skins, canvas, plastic, or the like, supported by one or more poles or a frame and often secured by ropes fastened to pegs in the ground.

tent⋅mak⋅er1 [tent-mey-ker] –noun

-A person who makes tents.


-A person called of God to cross-cultural missions by having a secular work to sustain his or her stay in a foreign land while fulfilling the Great Commission. (my personal assessment)

Asia: The Action is Here

There are more English learners in Asia than there are English teachers in the world.**

Millions are waiting to hear you teach.

An excerpt from the second International Congress on World Evangelization:

A distressing factor that affects each of the above categories is that of inaccessibility. Many countries do not grant visas to self-styled missionaries, who have no other qualification or contribution to offer. Such areas are not absolutely inaccessible, however. For our prayers can pass through every curtain, door and barrier. And Christian radio and television, audio and video cassettes, films and literature can also reach the otherwise unreachable. So can so-called ""tent-makers" who like Paul earn their own living. They travel in the course of their profession (e.g. business people, university lecturers, technical specialists and language teachers), and use every opportunity to speak of Jesus Christ. They do not enter a country under false pretenses, for their work genuinely takes them there; it is simply that witness is an essential component of their Christian lifestyle, wherever they may happen to be.

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"I believe that in each generation God has called enough men and women to evangelize all the yet unreached tribes of the earth. It is not God who does not call. It is man who will not respond!"  

-Isobel Kuhn, missionary to China and Thailand.

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