“I will satisfy the priests with rich food. My people will be filled with my blessings," declares the LORD.” [Jer 31:14 GW]

The Lord wants to bless His servants with rich food. Pastors and ministers working with integrity may enjoy riches and fullness without the burden of traditional guilt.

The people of God will be filled with His blessings as they are taught, nurtured, discipled and cared for by the pastors.

As they receive hope, be set free from their bondage, and learn the beauty of God's holiness, they become recipients of God's prosperity.

As they are encouraged to follow the Bible, they are blessed all the more. They obey the Scriptures, and they become faithful with their tithes and offerings.

Then, the laborers of the Altar receive their share of the blessings. Both the minister and the congregation are blessed by the Lord.

The Bible also teaches that 'He who does not work must not eat.' Pastors who don't work to teach and follow up God's people are not entitled to participate in the bounty of harvest and blessings.

(Image by ChristArt)

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