Practical Steps in Choosing a Church for Life

After praying to the Head of the church - the Lord Jesus, to which church you will go, there are some practical advice and guidelines to consider. Remember, church is for life. So choose very wisely and prayerfully. Don't ever think that you could transfer anytime. Replanting a tree has its consequences, even death. Removing a hollow block form a wall has adverse effects - it creates an ugly hole on the wall. Choosing a church is a one-time thing, under natural circumstances.

Now that you're willing to make a commitment, here are some suggestions:

a. Go with the person or people who led you to Christ. You are their fruit, their harvest. As a harvest, you need to be brought to their barn - their church. What better way to be discipled than with the church your soul-winner goes to! His family of believers is now your newfound family.

b. However, if you were saved through a remote ministry (like on TV, radio, or the internet) and it's not possible to go to their church, then try to recall the most memorable person who planted the seed of the Gospel in your life. Bless their hearts by trying to reach them.

c. If none of the above are possible, and you will have to find one near where you live, try these approach:

- Look for a church where Jesus is number one - not actors, and not politicians.

- Attend a church where the teaching of the Bible is top priority - not some fancy literature or movie, and not some politics.

- Go to a church that believes in praise and worship.(See Ps 150:1-6) The more instruments are used, the better. (This will prepare you for the resounding worship in heaven!)

Once you get there, and finally decide to stay, do talk to the pastor, and ask him to be God's pastor over you.

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