Practical Steps for Water Baptism

1. Talk to your pastor. Your home church has a schedule for water baptisms. It could be weekly, monthly, or depending upon their calendar. Some churches rent a swimming pool; others have a baptismal pool inside the church.

2. On the set day of baptism, bring extra clothes and a towel. Choose decent clothing for immersion as you would to a mall shopping activity. Some churches have a baptismal robe to make it uniform to all who would be water baptized.

That’s it. You are all set.

Vital Reminders:

a. Water baptism is not a ceremony for church membership. You could be water baptized in the province, and still be a faithful, committed member in the city.

b. It is only done once, as all the other Biblical examples. However, for experience, you may want to re-enact water baptism in the Jordan River, in the Holy Land of Israel. This will be a treat.

c. Infants and toddlers are not water baptized; they are dedicated to the Lord.

-Water baptism is for those who have repented of their sins. Since babies cannot, then we should not. Instead, we dedicate them to the Lord. A good age for kids would be eight (8) and above. However, the ability to understand and make a decision is the biblical standard.

-Christening is actually for people who can make a decision to be a Christian, and not for babies. Let’s just move on from tradition to Bible-based principles.

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