Traditional knowledge: When you vent out anger, you would feel better afterwards.

Psychology says: You need an outlet, so go ahead and vent out.

But the Bible saysWhen you vent out, things will get worse.

Examples of destructive and growing emotions are Jealousy and Envy.

In the public trial of Jesus, Pilate knew that it was out of envy and jealousy that the chief priests had handed Him over to be crucified.[Mk 15:10] It took them 3 years to let their envy and jealousy to have Jesus killed.

However, it only took them a couple of weeks to have the Apostles arrested when they got jealous and envious over their miracles and wonders.[Ac 5:17-18]

It took them a long time to express their emotions with Jesus. But after venting out, it didn't take them long to express it again.

The same is true with anger and fury - of all things.

The Pharisees and the teachers of the law were furious at Jesus and they discussed what to do with Him.[Lk 6:11] But when they heard the defiance of the Apostles, their fury wanted them put to death right away.[Ac 5:33]

They had finally expressed their anger, and it got easier in the next opportunity.

Bible principle: We exercise the fruit of the Spirit, Self-Control, at all times.

Traditional knowledge: Cut off the head (of the snake), and it will die.

But the Bible says:  Unless it dies, it won't grow. [Jn 12:24]

When Christians stand up for their faith, it's entirely a different story.

The enemies of Jesus thought that killing Him would put an end to the 12 apostles, the 70 disciples, and the 500 followers. And so they thought, but they were so wrong. When He died, it looked as if they were right - but not for long.

Before, there was only one Person performing signs and miracles. But at the death of Jesus, there emerged 12 Apostles performing signs, wonders and miracles all over the nation. The multiplication continued, and it covered the whole world. All throughout history, the Body of Christ has continued to grow where the blood of His servants were shed.

Bible principle: Keep on standing up for Jesus!

(images by ChristArt)

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