"Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered…” [Zech 13:7]

You are a leader. People follow you. Even though you think you are small and insignificant, you are a hero to smaller people still. When you lose your grip, the impact of your fall is bigger to them.

Don’t ever lose your hold on God; hold fast and firm. You may be able to rouse yourself, bounce back and get on your feet, but perhaps they won’t. Or they can’t.

Don’t let the enemy strike you. It’s not just about you; it’s also about the followers. You are just one, but the people looking up to you are many.

They can be easily deceived that if their hero failed, then how can they succeed?

Live a life above reproach. Save yourself and your hearers.

And if you fail momentarily, get up and round them up. Jesus did, and so can you - because the Father will help you.

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