"Isaac built an altar there and called on the name of the LORD. There he pitched his tent, and there his servants dug a well." (Gen 26:25 NIV)

Background: Isaac and his household moved away from the kingdom of Abimelech by request (Gen 26:16). Leaving a secure zone, they encamped in a valley.

Isaac then re-opened the wells previously dug by his father – with no problems. Then his servants searched and dug again, but this time, the herdsmen quarreled and disputed with them. He dug but he didn’t get to use it.

Moving on, he dug again, and had a quarrel with it again. He used his own resources, but he didn’t profit from it.

He dug the third time, with no problems, except that he didn’t stay there for a long time. He invested, but wasn’t able to wait for its gain.

Upon reaching another place, God, by His grace, reminded him of His promises. Only then did Isaac wise up: he first built God an altar, and worshiped. Then, not only did he pitch his tent, but he spread it out – a more lasting residency. Afterwards, he dug wells again. They didn’t have to search hard for a place to dig anymore, they just chose a spot and dug. Plus a bonus: his antagonists came and made a peace treaty with him. (Gen 26:26)

The proper sequence to receive God’s indisputable prosperity:

1. Put God first.
2. Secure your family.
3. Do business.

*Inspired by John Avanzini

(Image by ChristArt)

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