I was born and raised in the Philippines, re-born by the Spirit, and bound to live unnaturalized in a foreign land. I am a husband and lover of but one wife, and hoping to be a father soon. My greatest joy is to hear my target people say "Yes!" to the Lord of the harvest.

I am preparing to go and fulfill the Great Commission in a nation that will not allow me to do just that. Because of this, I'm a nameless, faceless servant of the Name Above All Names. I cannot be recognized nor celebrated, but I am not alone. The important thing is the salvation and discipleship of a million people.

I am a Filipino. I grew up in a Pentecostal church where the Word of the Lord was spoken several times: "The Philippines is the springboard to Asia." True enough, the neighboring countries have been coming to the Pearl of the Orient, taking advantage of her inexpensive education and English centers. And from here, we blast off as professionals, educators, and skilled workers to the rest of Asia and the 10/40 window. "Tent-making" is an effective way to open doors from within.

The King whom I serve promises to support me financially - and He does! Nowhere in the Bible do we find God's servants begging or soliciting money from God's people. The Lord wants our dignity intact, our reproving effective, our preaching unbiased, and our trust solely on Him. I do my best to extend the borders of God's kingdom and spread the influence of our Lord Jesus Christ, and He does His part as Financier and Blesser. Abba Father is more faithful than we are - He pays what He orders! He calls me to follow, I lead the unchurched to obedience, and He prompts His Body to sow their seed. How much money does it take to evangelize and disciple a single soul? How about a million souls from now until my homecoming to heaven, or when Jesus comes (whichever comes first)? Know then that "more surplus means more souls."

I am not engaging in a donor-based ministry: I am not a missionary of slightly used tea bags; I'm a pastor worthy of double honor. I am a member of the five-fold ministry gifts, and yet I will temporarily hold a secular front until my mission field recognizes the rain of the Holy Spirit, and seed-planting is done freely, out in the open.

God has simply put a big love in my small heart for 'these' people...



Sow a seed...

...reap a harvest! 


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